Founders love our unique approach to building businesses.


1. We take an educational approach. 

We teach you how to build a business that also makes products (not the other way around). Our sprint-based learning program is focused on product validation and critical early market traction. This helps you be well-positioned for scaling your business, mass production and fundraising. 

2. We help you no matter where you are in the world. 

Innovation happens everywhere, so we help you accelerate, make or grow from where you are. If you want to access our global offices, you're always part of the family, but you can stay put and lean on our network to make your resources go as far as they can.

3. We are hands-on.

You could say it’s ultra-hands on support. Our bench of global experts support you through weekly sprints with 1:1 office hours as well as regular sessions the broader Brinc team (community, manufacturing and growth) to make sure you’re on track for short term milestones and long term success.

4. We help you build a business, not just a product.

We place equal emphasis on best business practices, marketing, brand building, cash flow planning and product, setting you up for long-term success

5. We connect you with strategic capital.

We understand the capital requirements and unique cashflow requirements of startups. We've partnered with Artesian Capital and Tamkeen and more, to make sure you get smart capital to help you learn and grow during our program and follow on rounds too.

6. We prepare you for the demands of a scalable company. 

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to acceleration and reverse engineer the problems you will face as you scale, and train you for these challenges today. We're the only program on Earth that supports you through every stage of your business.


Our Program's Structure


Twice a year


Twice a year we open our global applications. 

One application for all our programs. We use F6S for so you can fill out one form to access all of our accelerator programs. Simple!

Ramp Up

4 weeks


Selected teams join our four week online sprint. 

At the end of the Ramp Up sprint, selected teams will move on to the next phase, which is where we make the investment.

This period helps us define a customized program for you to follow over the next 12 weeks. 


4-12 weeks

Our programs are a mix of both online and onsite training. 

Every company is different, but using your capital efficiently is critical for all teams.

We use a hybrid model of online and onsite training to ensure you get the support you need and our cash investment lasts as long as possible.




The program finishes, but our support keeps going.

Congratulations! You've graduated from our program, but there's a lot more work ahead... and we will be there with you! From monthly founder hours and our global founder slack channel with 150 hardware founders to quarterly 360º reviews and manufacturing and growth services, the Brinc family is with you for as long as you need.

Brinc Perks

As part of the Brinc portfolio, you get more than an investment and hands-on program, you also get access to perks from service providers that are critical to your success. Our perks package  is worth more than $500,000 USD and becomes more valuable every day. And even after you graduate, you still get all new perks over time, so you'll always have access to the latest and greatest that the Brinc family has to offer.

Brinc's accelerator programs started in 2014 and ever since, we have been helping early-stage IoT, Connected Hardware, Drones, and Robotics companies to ensure that they get the early pieces of their businesses built right. It's hard to build a business, but we've now invested in 43 startups from 20 countries and reviewed 5,000 applications from 65 countries and have learned a lot of the strategies that you need to know. And in strictly financial terms, teams that graduate Brinc's accelerator programs go on to raise an additional $1.9 million USD in funding and increase their valuations by 3X!

We have also built up deep engineering support through out Brinc Manufacturing services that make us the only investors on Earth that are in a Chinese factory every single week, helping startups to manufacture and ship their products. This ensures that you will get the right support to ensure you will ship your products on time, at price, and to specification. And we don't stop there... Brinc's strategic capital partners will also follow on after our program if you find other qualified investors... and we will even finance your purchase orders!

There are other early-stage accelerators out there, but you won't find any that are as hands-on, have more experience, or are as diverse as us. Learn more about our programs below and let us know if you have any questions. We know that we can help you and hope to see your application to our accelerator programs for our next cohort.


Brinc Poland Team

Mateusz Soltysiak   Director - Poland   LinkedIN

Mateusz Soltysiak

Director - Poland


Michal Gasior   Head of Product & Marketing Poland   LinkedIN

Michal Gasior

Head of Product & Marketing Poland


Jakub Buszynski   Head of Hardware   LinkedIN

Jakub Buszynski

Head of Hardware


Grzegorz Sworobowicz   Head of Validation

Grzegorz Sworobowicz

Head of Validation

Bryony Cooper   Chief Acceleration Officer - Arkley Brinc   LinkedIN

Bryony Cooper

Chief Acceleration Officer - Arkley Brinc



Relevant job offers coming soon. A lot of talented people are needed at Brinc Poland as we grow! Be part of this adventure.